Little Learners Child Care Center
Phone:  978-689-3669

Fax:  1-978-683-3752
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Little Learners Child Care Center ® 586 Massachusetts, N AND, MA 01845

We are located in the back of the First Calvary Baptist Church. 
Where learning and families come together!
Director: Lauriann Messina
Email: LLchildcare.lauriann@gmail.com

Assistant Director: Karen Privitera
Email: LLchildcare.karen@gmail.com

Little Learners Childcare Center Inc.(LLCC) provides your child a nurturing environment along with age appropriate activities that foster positive learning experiences. These experiences will help your child be ready to start Kindergarten both socially and academically. We will always provide your child with a positive and healthy environment. We will promote positive self-esteem and provide daily activities that are developmentally appropriate for each child. Each day your child will have time for imaginary, physical and exploration play.
Programs We Offer:
  • Opening the World of Learning Program
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Sparks Gym Program
  • The Incredible Flexible You!
  • Hatch Learning Smart board & Table
Little Learners Also offers:
  • Morning breakfast (need to arrive by 8:15)
  • Afternoon Snack
Our Center Hours are M-F 6:30am to 6:00PM