Little Learners Childcare Center
Toddlers 1 & 2
Preschool A & B

Little Learners Childcare Toddler room 1 & 2
​Little Learners has two toddler rooms, Toddler 1 and Toddler 2.  Toddler 1 is our first room that the children attend after the Infant room.  In this room they begin to develop independent skills, circle time, and activities. They are learning to socialize and work on new skills.
Toddler 2 room takes these new skills and develops them. They continue to work on developing their fine and gross motor skills. Toddler 2 also starts to introduce potty training.  In this room they are preparing to go to Preschool.
Toddler Room 1
Toddler Room 2